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The STURMBOCK Valve-tronic exhaust set up allows you to open and close the exhaust valves manually, via an exclusive switch made out of stainless steel with red or blue LED illumination. The Sturmbock exhaust sounds deeply sonorous when in ON-Position, or has a nice sporty note when in OFF-Position.

With this function you can select if your exhaust is loud when you WANT it or classic quiet when you NEED it (e.g. when you leaving early in the morning and car should start quietly).

This feature makes it a very unique and personalised exhaust system with a sophisticated and elegant valve opening solution. It gives you the great option to select the exhaust sound level depending on what noise level you like or prefer.

When cars are equipped with original valve control system, the Sturmbock system can utilise the factory opening option or you can add the manual button function.

The operation is done via a button with red or blue LED illumination.
The button can be custom-installed in the centre console area, an empty console switch or wherever you feel is the best accessible place for it.

Further available: Sturmbock downpipes, cat-less downpipes, Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, Full exhaust Systems.

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